New year new…. job? Well, maybe not for everyone BUT if you are going to apply for a job you are probably sitting in front of your computer just wanting the resume to BE DONE! Sometimes it can be really tricky making your resume the way you want it and therefore I’ve done two of them that’ll maybe give you some inspiration! Both are made in InDesign.

When it all comes down it’s what says that counts, but it’s always good to make a good first impression, and hopefully stand out from the crowd! Here are a few tips to think about when writing a resume:

  • Make custom resumés for each job
  • Include keywords from the job description you are applying to when you explain your experience
  • Don’t write irrelevant experience
  • Don’t be afraid to get them to know YOU, include something that’s really you. For example, I write that I love DIY:ing
  • Maybe no need to say this, but DO NOT LIE

Good luck guys!



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