DIY concrete candle holders step one DIY concrete candle holders result DIY concrete candle holders

Started doing some concrete again. It is so EASY and a lot of fun! You have to do it! I would recommend doing it outside, but since I live in an apartment I covered the kitchen in paper before creating. I use concrete from a craft store, but I know that a lot of hobby stores have it as well. If you live in Sweden you can find it here, for example!

How to DIY concrete candle holders

Making concrete candle holders is easy! All you need is concrete, templates (milk boxes are perfect!) and candles. Step one is to fill the milk box with concrete. Shake it firmly. This will get rid of the bubbles, or at least some! It can be tricky to get rid of all of them. Press down a candle and put an extra candle on top (as a weight). Let it dry for at least 48 hours.

If you have any questions, please let me know. And here you can find all my concrete projects I’ve made! Xx



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