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scrapbookingscrapbookingscrapbooking scrapbookingI finally had some time to scrapbook! This is by far my favorite hobby. It’s seriously like therapy for me. Sitting there, listening to podcasts, thinking about which colors works best with the pictures, the layout and so on. If you haven’t tried it I really recommend you to.

For five years ago (I CAN NOT believe it’s been five years) I moved to San Francisco for a year, and I’ve been wanting to do albums about this journey for a long time (well, five years, haha). And now finally I’m almost done with my first. Thinking about doing four, one for each season. So this one was the spring album, which means my first months in the city. Brings back a lot of memories and I can’t wait to go back. I miss it like crazy. It seriously feels like my second home and I just hate the fact that I’ll probably won’t live there again.. Well, I can always go for a visit 🙂

Tips when scrapbooking

  • Find a color in the picture and make the layout including that color (example, a person has a blue T-shirt in the picture, then you can add the text in a similar color). This will make it look unity.
  • Plan before you start! Before I start doing an album, I go to the store and buy paper for the whole album that’s unity
  • Let the picture speak! Don’t over do it. Keep it simple and always have the picture as the center.
  • Get inspired at Pinterest! Sometimes I get stuck not knowing how I should make the layout. But tune in to Pinterest and you won’t be stuck for long!
  • Make a theme for the album
  • Write the date somewhere

Yup, that’s about it for now! Are you scrapbooking? Please let me know, and link your Pinterest/blog/Instagram if you have any layout ideas, and we can help each other not getting stuck!



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