Salad with salmon and asparagus

salmon salad asparagus

asparagusfeta cheese saladAre you prepping for next weeks meals? Well HERE YOU GO 🙂 This is really something! And the best part about this meal is that even the most part is the salad, I get full! Otherwise many times when I have a salad for lunch or dinner, I’m hungry within the next couple of hours. Do you know what I mean? Right now I’ve got a hook up on asparagus (I’ve told you before about these hook ups I get…). I can’t get enough of it. I usually fry it with oil, sea salt and lemon juice!

The salad:

Feta cheese

The sauce:

Creme fraiche (will never learn how to spell that without googling)
Lemon juice
Sea salt

The salmon

Fried it in white peppar and squeezed some lemon juice over it

Bon appétit!

I’ve collected my favorite recipes here! There you can also find my watermelon, feta and prosciutto salad! It’s THE best summer salad! And oh, by the way! Don’t forget to take a look that the fish is okay to eat, and not bad for the environment.. 🙂



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