diy mini scrapbook album

Here’s my latest DIY scrapbook album, made out of toilet paper rolls! Maybe you remember the last one I did? If not, you can find it here 🙂 This is by far my favorite DIY project, love how easy it is. Anyway, tag a long!

DIYIn this scrapbook album I used five rolls! I would recommend you to use a maximum of seven. Otherwise it will get too thick and hard to flip the pages.

craft paperscrapbooking paperDIY album

If you don’t want to add pictures in these, I think it can be kinda cute just writing notes and painting something, and giving it as a gift! For example you can make it with a theme, let’s say “Why you make me happy”. And then each page represent something personal about him or her that gives you a smile on your face!  Last one I did I put photos of my boyfriend and I when we went to Croatia. I haven’t put anything in this yet but maybe it would be fun doing the albums with pictures from our trips? So each trip have an album!

How I make the scrapbook album

As I wrote before I made the same album a few months ago, and explained step by step how to make it! Here you can read exactly how I make these toilet paper roll albums! And you can find pictures at my Pinterest of the album, here. And if you have any further questions, please ask!



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