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wedding cardwedding cardwedding card
Last weekend I went to a wedding! First of all, how wonderful isn’t it to attend a wedding? All the emotions and feeling really hits you hard! So much happiness.. And this time wasn’t an exception. I feel honored every time I get to attend to a wedding, and hear all the speeches and see the love. We gave the happy couple glass, and I made a card for the special occasion. When making wedding cards I always feel a little pressure? Not sure why, but it just feels so special? And I want it to be really p e r f e c t.

Thoughts on making a wedding card

When making wedding cards I always try to use pastel colors. Or at least more mellow colors. This usually feels more suitable when it comes to weddings. But of course it always depends on the couple, and their wedding theme. It can be pretty hard to know which colors they are going for, but this time I used the invite as a guidance. And you can never go wrong on white! Besides the colors, I love making it “romantic”. This can mean different things, but flowers, hearts and other symbolic things that symbolize love is to be recommended 🙂 And then I always match the wrapping paper!

BUT, one of the best part about scrapbooking, or making cards, is that there are NO rules! Whatever floats you boat! 🙂 And if you want to have more card inspo, you can find it both here, and here! Good luck!



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