DIY gift with flowers and a watering can


Look at this bouquet! So beautiful *heart eyes emoji*. I really like giving people flowers (since I know how much I appreciate it myself) and sometimes it can be fun to do something extra! Here is an example, flowers in a basket. It’s a perfect “thanks for having me” gift, or for someones bday. And since it’s planting season right now, I skipped the basket and used a watering pot instead.

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Do you like it? I would be really happy if someone gave it to me! It’s always appreciated when someone have done something extra. And this is really easy to do!

All I did was bought flowers with beautiful paper wrapped around it, and then put it in a watering pot. Doesn’t have to me more complicated! And the best part is, when going to your friend (or whoever is the happy receiver) you don’t have to worry about the flowers not getting water.

When making this scrapbook album I made some extra “pockets”. Then I use them as cards when I’m in a rush and don’t have time to make one. So here you can see a “leftover pocket” as a birthday card. Anyway, hope you like this and please let me know what you think!

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