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I’ve been wanting to get a new bed set for a while now, and when ZARA home (favorite store) had a sale last week, I really went all in. I saw that they still have a sale, and I really recommend you to check it out (NOT sponsored, but I wish..). Will post the links of my new stuff down below.

Where do you get your bed sheets? I’m addicted to new and fresh sheets so please hit me up if you have any favorites! My boyfriend joked and called me a hoarder when I showed him all the new stuff I bought, haha.

bed making bed making bed making bed making bed making
Pillowcase with boardersDuvet cover with boarderGrey linen pillows (not the same but similar)

I really love the feel of linen in the bed, but also have a love for satin. Therefor I found it hard to choose between them, since I like the popular “boarder pillows”, that I’ve only seen in satin before. BUT when I found these at Zara home, in linen boarders, I bought the whole serie. I also added the darker grey linen pillows, that has the similar grey color as our headboard.

My bedding style

I find the primary focus of making of a bed is to make sure it’s cozy and works well with the rest of the room. Our bedroom has white walls and two big windows on one side. To make the bedding match the room I chose to use a white base, and grey details. I’m torn between going all in on the “Scandinavian minimalist style”, or the more warmer style, but I guess a mix have become my interior design style?

I also prioritizes the feel of freshness and don’t like when it gets messy. That’s why I usually have a white base, but then add some colors or pattern. This also includes the pillows, not only the sheets. Invest in qualitative pillows, and this will make the wholeness more cozy, AND you will sleep better! Win-win.

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