✄ DIY concrete coaster

DIY fathers day

Since I made the coffee table with hairpin legs, I became one of those hostess that comes running after my guests with coasters… Not really charming, haha. But why not have nice coasters then? Maybe that makes it more okay? Well… probably not! But anyway, these are my lastest concrete DIY project I’ve made, concrete coasters.

I choose to keep them plain, and not paint them. If I get tired of having them plain, I’m totally going for gold! Maybe some golden dots or lines?

DIY coaster concrete

How I make the concrete coaters

Here you can see the form I use, and a direct link to Hobby Lobby where I got it. I recommend you to get at least four, because otherwise it will take you a much longer time to make them all. Follow the instructions on the concrete package and fill the form with concrete. Shake the form to get rid off the bubbles and let it dry for as long as it says on the instructions.

DIY concrete coaster
DIY concrete coaster DIY concrete coaster

Do you like it? I really like them when they are plain. They get a rustic look which is what I was going for. This is the perfect gift. Just tie some hemp string around it, and add a small card, and you are good to go!

Have you ever worked with concrete? It’s very easy and you can make so much out of it. Right now I’m planning making big pots to have on my balcony. Found these at a store and figure I can do it myself, but all I need is a form, do you have any ideas of a similar form? That’s basically the only tricky part about working with concrete, getting the right form! Would be so happy if you shared your concrete projects, so please let me know if you ever have tried it!




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