watermelon drink

It’s the warmest summer in decades here in Sweden. It’s extremely hot, and even though I love it (probably lived in a warmer country in my former life, haha) it can really be tough! And taking breaks in the heat is necessary. Do you remember I told you about my watermelon addiction? Well, as you can see it’s not cured yet 🙂 I can’t stop having it!

This drink was so refreshing in the heat, and l love sitting on out balcony, reading magazines and zipping on a drink! Do you have a favorite “cooling down” drink? Hit me up please, I need it here in Sweden at the moment (never thought I would write that, haha).

Watermelon drink  Watermelon drink

Watermelon drink
Jar (similar) here

What you need to make the watermelon drink (alcohol free)

  • Crossed ice
  • Watermelon
  • Pressed lemon
  • Sparkling water with taste of raspberries
  • Fresh mint leaves

Just blend everything in a blender, and remember that the watermelon is the main ingredient! So just add a small amount of the sparkling water. I also added bites of watermelon afterwards, but that was mostly for the picture… 🙂 This is a great welcome drink as well! Looks pretty fancy in champagne glass!

Usually when I make drinks like this, and mostly of the food I make, I don’t go by any recipe. This can make it pretty tricky to retell the exact measurements of each ingrident. Therefore I usually just write what I put in and let you choose how much you want of everything. But is this hard to redo a recipe without knowing how much you should use? Please let me know, and if you think so, I can try to estimate the amount I use.

Anyway, you know you can check my instagram for more DIY projects and recipes! Have a great week!



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