✄ DIY summer dress in three steps

DIY dress summer

DIY dress summer

HEY SUMMER! Lovin’ it here in Sweden atm. And I can’t get enough of all the cute summer dresses out there. BUT, I had an image in my mind of I dress that I really wanted but couldn’t seem to find it anywhere. Therefore I decided to make it myself. Tag a long to see all the steps how to DIY summer dress with buttons in three steps.

DIY summer dress

Step 1- Use an old t-shirt as a pattern

Since I didn’t have a pattern for this dress, I decided to use a t-shirt that fits well as a pattern. What you can do is to lay the T-shirt on a piece of paper and make your own pattern, but I skipped that step and use the t-shirt directly on the fabric. I drew a line around the t-shirt (don’t forget to add an extra centimeter, to have room for sewing). Since I wanted to make a dress, but only used a T-shirt as a pattern, I just cut where I imagine would work.

After getting two fabric pieces that looks like a dress, I needled them toghether in the edges. And a good idea to start with is to zigzag on the edges before, so it wont leave threades everywhere 🙂 I truley lured my leasson and will always do that in the future..

And about the sleeves! I actually made them seperatly, so I cut the fabric as a tank top.

DIY summer dress

Step 2- Add the sleeves

And now to the sleeves. This is the tricky part (if you ask me!). Here I also used the t-shirt as a pattern. What’s important here is to keep in mind that when you turn it around, you don’t want any edges to be seen.

After needled the two pieces together, I tried the dress to make sure it fitted. After that, I sewed it together!

DIY summer dress

Step 3- Cut the neckline

And now to the last part, the neckline! I tried it on and made a dot half a centimeter from where I wanted it to end. Then I cut it to that dot and folded the edges down, needled it and sewed it. I did the same thing in the back of the dress.

The dress is about finished now, BUT, I also added buttons, since I figure that’ll be a nice detail.

DIY summer dressSimilar buttons here, similar fabric here

The result

And here is the result! I’m really happy about it! Will use it a lot this summer. And if you are interested in seeing more of my sewing projects, here you can find them. Wish you a great week!




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