Something that you really see EVERYWHERE atm are scarfs. On handbags, in hairs and around necks. And I really love the trend. Especially when it comes to having them in my hair. For some reason I can’t stand having my hair in my face, I mostly put it in a ponytail or behind my ears. And lately I’ve started to add scarfs as an extra detail, and this is how I make my favorite fall hairstyle with a scarf!
fall hairstyle with a scarf

Step 1

Easy peasy, put your hair in a ponytail, leave the bang or some of the front part hanging. I like to keep the ponytail pretty loose.

Step 2

Curl the bang “outwards” using a hair straightener. This is really easy, but if you never have curled your hair using a straightener it might be a bit tricky, I think this video shows it very well (fast forward to 2.50 in the clip).

fall hairstyle with a scarf

Step 3

Time for the scarf! I only tie it one time, but a bow looks cute too I think! AND, I love having my “chunky hoops” golden earrings with this beigeisch scarf.

fall hairstyle with a scarf

The result

Tadaaaa! The perfect every day hairstyle, right?! SO easy. This takes me about 5 minutes! Because that’s about the time I have to fix me hair during the weekdays. When I have more time I like to do some curls in the rest of the hair! But on a Monday, my sleep is what I prioritize.. 🙂 And my breakfast! But I do have time to do two fast curls in the bang.

Here is another hairstyle I did with a scarf. Also the perfect go to style. Which is your favorite hairstyle for a busy morning? Would love to get some inspo since I tend to use this style a little too often, haha 😉



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