I have some birthday parties coming up this fall, and I always try (if I have the time) to make a personal card. It doesn’t have to be complicated. I love this design, and it’s actually really easy to make. BUT, there are some things to keep in mind when making a birthday card, I’ll show you!

birthday card

To think about when making a birthday card

The first thing I do is to make sure the colors I want match. This is the most important part. If you want to have different colors, make sure they have the same hue. Pastel colors for example works great together. If I have a very “strong” color, I mostly go with white on the rest.

birthday card

Details, details and details..

After finding the paper I want I pick the details. For example the eyelet! I used a gold one to match the golden hearts! A good idea is to gather all the details you want to add to the card (letters, eyelets, ribbon and so on) before you glue or punch anything, to make sure it will match the colors you are going for.

birthday cardbirthday card

The result

And this is how it turned out! Really easy to make! And I can recommend you to write the card before you punch it together 🙂 This is really personal and it feels special getting a selfmade card!

You can find more cards that I’ve made here. It’s always good to get some layout inspo! I think that’s the hardest part about making a card or scrapbooking, the layout… Therefore I’d love to see your projects, please feel free to share them!



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