halloween and thanksgiving table setting

Wow, time really flies… I can’t believe both Thanksgiving and Halloween is coming up. In Sweden we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, BUT I think this table setting will work well with that as well as Halloween. The colors are pretty similar to each other? Brown, orange, green and white! Anyway, this is how I will be setting the table for Halloween this year!

halloween and thanksgiving tablesetting  halloween and thanksgiving tablesetting

Halloween and thanksgiving table setting, my tips!

LOVE adding green to the table when setting it for a special occasion. My best tips is to add the green leaves and flowers over the whole table, and in the middle. And then you can add paper flowers and candles as extra details! Or you can buy small pumpkins and place on the table 🙂

But the green leaves and flowers really add an extra dimension and makes it look like you spend hours on setting the table. And I love when it gets darker but you light up the table with candles, so cozy! That is one of the most important things when you have a dinner, the lightning. Try to avoid it being too bright, or too dark..

halloween and thanksgiving tablesetting halloween and thanksgiving tablesetting halloween and thanksgiving tablesetting

An orange as a pumpking

If you are setting the table for a Halloween dinner, using an orange as a pumpkin is a pretty fun detail! Do you have any fun plans this Halloween? Always fun to hear what you guys are up to. I’m thinking about bringing my boyfriend to an amusement park that have different haunted houses over Halloween, hehe. We went there two years ago and man that was scary, haha!

Anyway, please head in to my Pinterest if you are interested in seeing more table settings! And maybe you can find some cooking inspiration as well? You find all my recipes here. And feel free to share you table setting idea for the fall, love seeing you projects!



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