DIY fall wreath result

Now when fall’s here there are so many beautiful colors outside! I just want my home to look the same. And, I’m always excited to decorate for the holidays! This is my latest DIY project, a fall wreath for the front door. It didn’t take long, and was so easy. I think it took my like an hour. I’m gonna show you how to DIY this fall wreath step by step.

what you need to make a DIY fall wreath
What you need to DIY fall wreath for the front door

  • Leaves and sticks
  • A bow (LOVE these velvet bows)
  • Scissor
  • Wire (would recommend this one)
  • Thread

Step one DIY fall wreath

Step 1

Start with making the form. This is when you use the sticks and thread. You start small and then you just continue to build on it. The more you have, the stronger the wreath will be.

Step two DIY fall wreath

Step 2

When I was done with the form I used the wire to make it extra stabile.

Step three DIY fall wreath

Step 3

After that I added some of the greenery.

step five DIY fall wreath

Step 4

Added wire again to make sure the greenery won’t fall of.

step six DIY fall wreath

Step 5

After that I added the ivy. This plant is the best one when making wreaths (if you ask me) since it covers everything sooo good. And with everything I mean the wire. I posted a link to a green wire in the beginning of the post and I really recommend using one, then you don’t have to worry about it showing.

step six DIY fall wreath

Step 6

Time for the details! I added leaves and a bow. I just tuck the leaves in under the wire. And because of the ivy the wire won’t show here either!

DIY fall wreath resultDIY fall wreath result

The result

And here is the result! What do you think? And do you usually make you own wreath or just buy one? 🙂 This one is sooo easy to make (promise!). As I wrote before it only took me about an hour, and I loved this project. So creative and you can use whatever you have (or find outside). Good luck!



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