DIY pumpkin decorating

Love decorating with pumpkins this time of year! There are so many with beautiful colors and shapes. And a fun detail as a home decor! Do you decorate your home with pumpkins this time of year? Would love to see your stuff!

And if you haven’t had time, and need an idea of a quick and fun DIY pumpkin decorating idea, this is the one! These DIY candle holders are really easy to make and takes no time. I’ll show you step by step, keep on scrolling 🙂

DIY pumpkin decorating idea

This is what you need to DIY pumpkin decorating idea

  • Pumpkins
  • Candles
  • A spoon
  • A knife

And it might get a little bit messy, so I would recommend you to carve it on a cutting board..

DIY pumpkin decorating idea

Step 1

Cut the top of the pumpkin away, a little bit smaller than the size of your candle.

DIY pumpkin decorating

Step 2

Hollow out the pumpkin. This is the tricky part, because you don’t want to make the hole any bigger since it might make it impossible to fit in the candle. I used the end of the spoon and then turned the pumpkin upside down. That worked well 🙂

DIY pumpkin decorating idea

And this is how it’s gonna look like! 🙂 I also tried to dry it on the inside with paper.. Just to make sure it won’t mold the first thing.

DIY pumpkin decoratingDIY pumpkin decorating

And here it is, nice huh? 🙂 And as you can tell it’s super easy. I’m planning on having it on the table when I’m hosting a dinner in a few weeks. Probably gonna add some greenery as well. If I have time (sometimes it gets a bit stressy when hosting a dinner, hehe) I’ll take photos and show you on my Instagram.

But I also want to recommend you NOT leaving these without supervision.. Just a friendly reminder. Anyway, have a great weekend and please hit me up with your best Halloween DIY projects if you have any! And oh, you can find more Holiday DIY ideas here.




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