table setting thanksgiving idea

Love this time of the year! The food, tradition and events! This week I’ve been busy planning and hosting birthday dinners, brunches and more. I turned 25 this week and to be honest, today I’m exhausted. It’s been a lot of fun but I’m tired after all the planning and fixing. The most fun part of hosting any kind of dine (except hanging out with my friends and family) are the decoration. Here is an easy table setting thanksgiving idea.

table setting thanksgiving idea table setting thanksgiving idea

The secret

One thing I’ve notice is important when setting the table is the greenery. It really makes a huge difference when you add some leaves or flowers. Tried to go on a cozy and comfortable style this time, do you like it?

table setting thanksgiving idea table setting thanksgiving idea

And here you can see how I made the pumpkin candle holders. I’ve posted another thanksgiving table setting idea for you a couple of weeks ago, which you can find here. As I’ve told you before we don’t celebrate thanksgiving in Sweden, BUT when I lived in California I remember loving it. All the food? Wow, so good and fun to try and see what the fuss is about 😉

And now I’m off to bed, it’s been a long (and extremely fun week)! What are you up to this week? Would love to hear!



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