Christmas wrapping idea

How’s it going with your Christmas shopping? I’m almost done, but have a few left.. In Sweden this years Christmas gift is “the recycled garment”, which made me really happy. One thing I really love about DIY:ing is that it often includes recycling.

There isn’t many things that gets me into the Christmas spirit than wrapping gifts. I like to have some music in the background, and take my time while doing it. This is how my gifts will look like this year! Love the brown paper.

Christmas wrapping idea

Christmas wrapping idea

Paper here

Found this paper at IKEA, didn’t even knew they had wrapping paper. But I guess they have almost everything, haha. Anyway, didn’t cost anything and had a good length. I find most of the papers I buy being too short and only long enough for a couple of gifts..

 Christmas wrapping idea

Love adding greenery and other things from the nature when wrapping gifts. How’s your gifts gonna look like? Or do you do it in the last minute using birthday paper? Haha. I do that as well.. There is always that one gift I buy in the last minute that I don’t put so much effort in…

Anyway! How are you going to celebrate Christmas? Or are you? Let me know, love hearing from you and also love hearing about your projects! Always good to get some inspo when it comes to DIY:ing! If you need some inspo for DIY Christmas gifts, you can find DIY gifts here. Wish you a great weekend!



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