DIY passport holder

The countdown has begun! In August I’m going on a roadtrip in California and I’m more then excited. Already planning outfits in my head (haha), and today I made a passport holder for the trip. I love having everything organized and when I saw a pic of a passport cover with a pocket for the flight tickets as well, I knew that ‘DIY passport holder’ was going to be my next DIY project!

How to DIY a passport holder

DIY passport holder

What you need

  • Fabric (I bought oilcloth fabric)
  • Fabric glue
  • Pencil that sticks on the fabric
  • A sewing machine or a nail and thread

DIY passport holder

DIY passport holder

Step 1

Cut all the pieces you want. I wanted two innerpockets (one for the passport and one for the tickets).

DIY passport holder

Step 2
Sew around it with simple straight stitch to add the pockets to the cover.

DIY passport holder

Step 3

Glue the pocket for the tickets on the inner side (since you don’t want any stitches in the middle of you front side of the cover). I used a special glue for fabric.

DIY passport holder DIY passport holder

Step 4

Decorate the front page however you want it. I wrote with my golden pencil (ask in a hobby store for a pencil that will stick to whichever fabric you have). And then you are done and all set for your flight! Well, at least organized!

If you want to see more of the process of how to DIY a passport holder, check my Instagram for videos! And you can find all of my DIY project on my Pinterest! And as always I love seeing you making my DIY projects, so if you do that please tag me or send it to me so I can see! Have a great week guys.



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